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The goal of Mindfulness is to become more and more present with our experience of the moment without judging it. Paying attention to the here and now. While practicing, there are factors that can help us develop Mindfulness, which we call the helping factors:

  1. No judging: important aspect of Mindfulness, starts with making your judgment aware and in this way notice that you are judging, by acknowledging the judgment gets less weight and you can let it go more easily
  2. Patience: give yourself space to learn, be patient with your impatience
  3. Do not strive: everything that is needed is already there, inner peace does not need anything from the outside. We just have to let go of what stands in the way of experiencing peace
  4. Kindness: kind attitude towards yourself, don’t blame yourself and smile at yourself. With this you develop more compassion for yourself and others.

Guided Breathing Meditation
Focussing on the breath is an important practice in Mindfulness. We do not have to adjust our breathing for this, but simply dwell on the experience of our breathing in our body. The breath is always there, but we rarely pay attention to it. With practice, we become more aware of what our breathing feels like. The breath can therefore be used as an anchor to the ‘NOW’. In the mindfulness meditations we bring attention to the breath without trying to get rid of a certain feeling or anxiety.

Mindfulness reduces worry and stress and improves concentration and inner peace. Paying attention to the present moment can be done at any time of the day. Consciously paying attention to pleasurable experiences also brings peace to your mind. Hartopener offers various options in the field of Mindfulness.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…